Vet Student

In 2018, Safari4u launched a new and exciting program aimed at the 2nd year vet students and beyond.

This is a program removed from the existing Pre-vet Program while still incorporating the three main components of:
  • Small animal practice
  • Large animal practice
  • Wildlife capture and transport
Each 3 week programme will have a vet dedicated to their course and will cover topics including but not limited to:
  • Pathology and Anatomy: We will try to study as many domestic and wild life species of animals as possible, this will include dissections.
  • Parasitology: We will study and collect parasites from companion, agricultural and wild animals and study the relationship between them.
  • We will also try and broaden your understanding of tropical diseases found in the Southern African Region pertaining to both agricultural and wild life animals.
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology: We will study the different drugs used by vets in the every day treatment on the project.
  • Animal Husbandry: Learn about the day to day care, selective breeding and raising of production animals for meat, fibre, milk, eggs and or other products.
  • Animal Nutrition: This will be looking at the dietary needs of animals in agriculture and food production but also in zoos and wildlife management.
  • Livestock Production Management: This would be the study of extensive and intensive production systems for animal products.
  • Wild Life Capture and Transportation: Pertaining to immobilization tranquilization and Sedation

The Community aspect is one of the most important and can cover livestock but mostly involves small animal care. South Africa has a large split in terms of socio-economics and as such many people cannot afford to help their animals when it comes to their health. Safari4u visits townships (low socio-economic areas and informal settlements) regularly to assist in endo- and ecto- parasitical treatment (dipping and dosing), wound care, community education on handling and treatment of pets and animals, and follow up treatments as needed. This has been expanded in 2017 to include the Wild Coast Community Vet Clinic (WCCVC Chintsa Dogs) in which free health care will be provided for the lower socio-economic communities’ animals of Chintsa and its surrounding areas. Currently our charity work is carried out with the support of Wild Coast Vet Clinic with funds purely from donations.

Rates and Dates for 2022
  • VS01/22: 6 June – 27 June 2022
  • VS02/22: 11 July – 1 August 2022
  • VS03/22: 1 August – 22 August 2022

Contact us now for rates!

Your price includes:

  • Welcome Pack
  • Safari4u Game Capture Manual
  • T-shirt
  • All meals (ex. snacks, soft drinks, etc)
  • All accommodation and bedding
  • Transport to organised programme activities

The fee also acts as the main source of funding for our Non-Profit Company – Wild Coast Community Vet Clinic. This funding provides the supplies and medications necessary to treat the animals of the greater Chintsa area.