Game Capture

Safari4u’s Game Capture programme is designed to concentrate purely on wildlife veterinary work in the immobilisation, transport and release of game.

The programme will also bring forth issues such as conservation and hunting for discussion with your programme co-ordinator.

Topics discussed during the programme include:
  • Hunting as a management tool and the debate between Trophy and Conservation hunting
  • Population control culling cropping vs relocation
  • Ethics of capture
  • Ethics of specialized Breeding
  • Drugs Used and safety
  • Species identification
  • Dart Gun theory and practice
  • Different methods of capture including their pros and cons

As a student you can expect to participate in different styles of capture with a specialised veterinarian and capture team, whilst working with different species of antelope and other Southern African animals. You will have a Safari4u staff member with you at all times to guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have during your stay.

Different styles of capture conducted, which you may or may not participate in during the programme, include:
  • Helicopter Capture
  • Curtain Capture
  • Net Capture
  • Dart Gun Capture
  • Passive Capture
  • Cage Traps

You will work hands-on with these animals helping with their immediate handling as well as treating the individuals with appropriate medications and monitoring them during their recovery period prior to transportation. You will also visit the release sites of the animals in most cases as well.

Please note that this programme involves not only the captures themselves but also the preparation for captures and as such the work can be physically demanding so a medium level of fitness is required and everyone will be required to dig in and help as much as possible!

Example Programme

Rates and Dates

GC01/22: 23 April – 9 May 2022
GC02/22: 23 July – 8 August 2022

This programme runs as a seasonal opportunity run for 2 week blocks on specific dates, and during this time we make every effort to give you 7 days of capture within your 10 working days. It is generally matched up with a large game auction held in April/ May each year.

Contact one of our agents now for rates!

There is a maximum of 10 people on this programme.

Students will need to land in East London, South Africa on the Friday to allow for transfer to site on Sunday to start capture on the Monday. Participants will spend the weekends in Chintsa East.

Your price includes:
Welcome Pack
Safari4u Game Capture Manual
All meals (ex. snacks, soft drinks, etc)
All accommodation and bedding
Transport to organised programme activities

The fee also acts as the main source of funding for our Non-Profit Company – Wild Coast Community Vet Clinic. This funding provides the supplies and medications necessary to treat the animals of the greater Chintsa area.