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Safari4u offers learning-based programs for pre-vets, vet students, vet techs, vet nurses and anyone wanting to become involved with the care and welfare of animals

Giraffe captures are hard work, we need your help!
Giraffe captures are hard work,
we need your help!
South Africa has many township dogs
needing our help. Our students are
active in anti-parasite treatment
and wound care within these areas.
Work with qualified vets in
the areas of small animals,
large animals, wildlife and game capture
Practice all your learnt skills
in a hands-on environment
Work with all kinds of animals
in both commercial
and rural outreach situations
Learn about veterinary work
in an African setting
Visit a huge range of locations throughout
the Wild Coast of South Africa and explore
other cultures while learning
and helping animals
Work with all kinds of exotic species
you never thought you'd see up close
Our vet students get valuable hands-on
experience and at the same time alleviate
the suffering of thousands of animals.
Learn more than just your
average veterinary skills
These animals need your help!

Our Programs | Vet Student

Safari4u has launched a new and exciting program
aimed at the 2nd year vet students and beyond.

This program incorporates the
three main components of:

  • Small animal practice
  • Large animal practice
  • Wildlife capture and transport

Each 3 week program will cover
topics including but not limited to:

  • Pathology and Anatomy
  • Parasitology
  • Tropical diseases
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Livestock Production Management
  • Wild Life Capture and Transportation

Our Programs | Game Capture

Safari4u’s Game Capture programme is designed to concentrate
purely on wildlife veterinary work in the immobilisation, transport and release of game.

Some of the topics discussed during
the program include:

  • Different methods of capture including their pros / cons
  • Population control culling cropping vs relocation
  • Ethics of specialized Breeding
  • Drugs Used and safety
  • Species identification
  • Dart Gun theory and practice
  • Hunting as a management tool and the debate between Trophy and Conservation hunting

Different styles of capture conducted
(Time dependent):

  • Helicopter Capture
  • Curtain Capture
  • Net Capture
  • Dart Gun Capture
  • Passive Capture
  • Cage Traps

Our Programs | Pre-vet

Safari4u’s Pre-Vet Programme is designed to give exposure to different aspects of veterinary work in South Africa. It is aimed mainly for students who are aiming to apply to Vet School and 1st year Veterinary Students, or anyone interested in animals, conservation or the veterinary field

This program incorporates the
three main components of:

  • Small animal practice
  • Large animal practice
  • Wildlife and Game Capture
  • (Small Animal Practice is divided into two components, Clinic and Community Outreach)

This program gives exposure to
aspects including but not limited to:

  • Clinic Work – observation of professional veterinarians in a commercial clinic
  • Community Outreach – conducted in rural areas
  • Lectures covered in Small Animal Practice - General diseases, handling, safety, equipment and wound care
  • Lectures in Large Animal Practice - Herd management, handling, safety, equipment and medications
  • Lectures in Wildlife- 5 Freedoms of animals, species identification and behaviour, exotic pet care, immobilization and transport of African Wildlife and the ethics involved.

Student Testimonials

“Just completed the two week capture program and it lived up to the adventure I was looking for. From the madness of net capture to the precision of dart capture the program surpassed my expectations. Gaining hands on experience with African wildlife and learning many aspects of game capture, reserves and conservation from and insiders view has proven very valuable in giving me a whole new perspective as well helping in my career as a zoo vet tech. I’ve met students from all over… Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Iceland and of course South Africa and US. We did everything from stargazing on the beach to camping with game drives to night clubs…Truly an unforgettable experience!”– Trina, Vet Tech
“Getting this much hands-on experience within a span of 4 weeks is incredible… volunteering in South Africa was very rewarding”– Aied, Pre-Vet
“The program is very diverse and I learned a lot in practice… [You’ll] run the risk of falling in love and never wanting to leave.” –– Mariana, Vet Student
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